The Biggest Fight- pt.II

15 12 2009

Some of the greatest fights that we witness in Dragon Ball certainty happen in one of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Great battles, like the one which Goku fights Jackie Chan, Yancha fights Tien, Jackie Chan fights Tien… and many others very exciting battles occurs in the finals of Tenkaichi Budokai. However, before the great martial arts masters arrive at the finals, they must pass thought the elimination rounds. Although the eliminations don’t show many great fights, I cite them here, in the category The Biggest Fight. Our next post of this category will be already the finals of the 21th World Martial Arts Tournament. But to do an introduction to the real fights that really can be a candidate to one of The Biggest Fight; I’ll talk a little about the elimination rounds.

After the raffle, the participants go to one of the four main keys, where each key separates two fighters that go to the finals. Goku takes the number 70 and Krillin, the 93, staying both in the same key, but in different divisions, what made them not have to fight against each other in the elimination rounds. Different from the finals, that has no time limit for the fight, in the elimination rounds the time limit is one minute, what makes the fight be more dynamic, forcing techniques that define the fight quickly.

Goku is the first to fight, facing number 69, a huge bald man. It is a very fast fight, although it make Goku realizes how he became stronger. In a very fast movement, Goku stops behind his opponent, making the man looking him. When the bald guy asks for him, Goku touches his opponent with one finger, and the power of the movement makes Goku’s opponent fall of the ring.

Everybody thinks how lucky Goku is, and how unlucky the bald man is, for losing his balance and falling of the ring. However, Goku realizes that he is very strong and alert Krillin that they should take it easy with the opponents.

Right after Goku’s fight, Krillin’s old superiors of Oorin Temple find him next to the ring and reveal that the fighter 94, who would fight against Krillin, is one of his superiors, one of the best fighters of Oorin Temple. Krillin is discourage and with great fear he goes to the fight. Goku, confident, tells to Krillin fight with full power, but Krillin didn’t understand why Goku was saying that all time.

The fight starts and the number one of Oorin Temple attacks Krillin, with a direct punch. Krillin surprised for being able to see the punch, dodges jumping to the high of the ring.

After landing in the ring, Krillin counter-attacks with a super kick, making his ex-superior fly far away the ring. Frightened with his strength, Krillin finally starts believing in the efficiency of Turtle Training Style, that made him to become strong without him noticing.

As the elimination rounds continue, we can see the other fights of the keys, that show Goku, Krillin and Yancha being classified for the finals. One of the fights, we can see Yancha fighting a karate man, that attacks Yancha with a punch, but Yancha dodges and counter-attacks with a kick, knocking out his opponent and defining the fight.


Goku and Krillin pass through the elimination rounds easily. In one of the fights, Krillin receives a bunch of punches and kicks, with strength and technique sufficient to win an ordinary opponent, however, with Roshi’s training, his pupils developed their resistance and strength that made Krillin nearly fell nothing of his opponent attacks. This one, afraid of Krillin, gives up of the fight.

The elimination rounds pass and finally the matches for the finals begin (interesting to notice that Yancha faced Krillin’s other ex-superior, and as we expected, he win the fight easily). Yancha is the first to get to the finals in his key.


Yancha’s opponent is a wolf and criticizes the human beings for putting names of animals in their techniques when Yancha prepared with his Rogafufuken. Both jump and fall in opposite areas of the ring. Yancha fall in his kneel, seeming to be wounded, and everyone thought the worst, however, a second later his opponent falls, proving that Rogafufuken is superior, guaranteeing his vacancy in the World Martial Arts finals.

Goku also arrives at the finals at the elimination rounds, facing a fighter with the Lion’s Fang Style. The adversary, with a flast blow, tries to hit Goku, that dodges and then knocks down the opponent with a tripping. Goku, wanting to finish the fight quickly, holds his opponent’s legs and throw him out of the ring, being classified to the finals of the tournament.


Krillin faces a karate bear in his final fight at the elimination round and with a powerful kick, beats his opponent, that surrendered, being also one of the eight finalist that would fight in the finals of the world martial arts tournament.

After the finalists join with the tournament announcer, is defined who will fight against who in the finals! Krillin faces the smelly Bacteria, Yancha goes against Jackie Chan, Ranfan fights Yamu and Goku fights Giran! Keep an eye on our next posts, because we’ll finally have great battles! And below you can check out the scans of the elimination rounds from the kanzenban (ultimate edition manga).

Below, the scans of the elimination rounds from the kanzenban.

Scan 1 Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5
Scan 6 Scan 7 Scan 8 Scan 9 Scan 10
Scan 11 Scan 12 Scan 13 Scan 14 Scan 15
Scan 16 Scan 17 Scan 18 Scan 19 Scan 20
Scan 21 Scan 22 Scan 23 Scan 24  



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