Fan arts – pt.I

16 12 2009

Being a fan of something and expressing it varies from person to person. Some people like me, make blogs and websites, creating a virtual space of information and fan meeting. Other types of fans express their passion through the art. I joined some images that I found, that in my opinion portray the darkest side of Dragon Ball.

An amazing fan art: in the back ground , is like we are seeing the apocalypse coming, with a city being devour by hurricanes, natural phenomenon that remembers the super blow the Majin Buu makes, that is capable of “clean” a city. Frightful and very direful too is looking at Babidi’s eye, very much alike to an alien eye.

Fan art very nice too, portraying the great villain and scientist Dr. Gero. Interesting to notice the brightness of his eyes , that give us the doubt if he was already an android or if he was still a human.

Another bizarre Majin Buu, referring to his form after he absorbed Mystic Gohan and thought he had absorbed Vegetto too.

For me this is the best and the darkness image that I found. Shows pretty well the terror that Cell caused on many people that he murdered back in the time when he needed their energy. The terror in the man’s eyes already demonstrates that he knew his death was close. For who doesn’t remember, this art refers to the moment that Piccolo arrives at Ginger Town and finds Cell pulling a fat man. This man begs Piccolo to save his life, offering all his money, however, Cell kills him, sucking his vital energy.




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