Online games – DBZ Earth Defender

8 02 2010

Continuing to post online games, I introduce you the game Dragon Ball Z Earth Defender, a game with a rpg style that you have to stop the invadors to cross over your position, destroying them with a ki blast.

To defeat the enemy, use the mouse and the right button. Each enemy that you destroy, you’ll get experience that can be used later to buy super saiyan transformations or kaio-ken or more ki blasts, etc.

To play online Dragon Ball Z Earth Defender, click on the image below or click here.

We will bring more online games available on the Internet later.


Online Games – Dragon Ball Dress Up

26 01 2010

Online games usually have the same characteristic: they have simple graphics and their gameplay normally are quite entertaining. And aiming to amuse this I will start posting some of the best dragon ball online games. Just click on the image of the game and it’ll start. Have fun!

In this game, what entertain us is the possibility of combining the clothing and hair cut of the characters, resulting in something quite different. A possible combination is the one of the image below.

We’ll continue with more online games later!