Profile I: Goku

18 10 2009

His strokes are capable to tear the Earth, his body is stronger than steel and his soul is more pure than the blue of the sky… Accompanies the growth and evolution of this super warrior, Son Goku, Savior of Earth and of the entire universe.

Earthling name: Son Goku

Saiyan name: Kakarot

Birth: AGE737

Height: 175 cm

Weight:  62kg

Great fear: needles


Goku has a generous personality, not subject to details. Having grown alone, in nature, he became innocent, not understanding many things of the life. Because he’s “ignorant” in relation to knowledge of life,  he experienced several times people using him. But his pure soul was sufficient do bring several of his companions to the light. Always hungry and funning with everything, he showed to be attentive to all, especially with his son Gohan and his granddaughter, Pan, until the day that he disappeared with the dragon god to become something more, probably a guardian of peace.


 The saiyan’s characteristic of improving on every battle, continuous self-overrun throughout life is not the best talent of Goku in my opinion. I believe that his best talent is to believe in people, even if they don’t deserve it, and get them out of the darkness. Who would say that a stranger son, whose father-demon had been defeated by Son Goku, would become one of his great allies? Who would have believed that the prince of all saiyan, cruel and arrogant would find happiness with the humanity and would fight and protect it? This to me is the best talent of Goku, believe in others and make them become a positive force in the universe.



Even small, Goku already could control his internal energy (ki) and launched a wave of energy, Kamehameha, whose creator would be time-consuming 50 years to perfect the technique. The ability to learn from others made him a great master of martial arts.


The most powerful of all scams, without doubt, is the spirit bomb  (“sphere of nature”), which can only be used by those who have a pure heart. It was used to defeat some of his biggest opponents and threats in to the world. Spirit bomb’s positive energy was enough to clean the negative energy  left by Lee-Shenlong, the supreme dragon of one star.


Another technique, also taught by King Kai is the Kaioh-Ken, a technique that amplifies the Ki, providing greater strength, speed, and power to the warrior.


The fourth technique that I consider most important is the instant transmission. Learned with yadoratoseijins (people from Yadorat), it is a technique that the user focuses to feel someone’s ki and teleports to the place where this ki is. The most exciting use of this technique was against Cell, when Goku teleport to another planet with Cell, preventing the destruction of Earth in the explosion caused by the villain, but sacrificing his life.