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Planet Namek (known as Namekusei in Brazil – Namekusei is the same blog as this, but in Portuguese) was born of an old project of mine to write about the interesting world of Dragon Ball. The blog has as main intention to keep alive the Legend of Son Goku and the Dragon Balls, reminding the fans the fantastic universe of the most famous cartoons of all times. The websites that inspired me were Torre de Karin and Kami Sama Explorer (brazilians websites).

Torre de Karin, a site with the style of a blog, with posts about Dragon Ball showed in a very unusual form, making fantastic analyses of DB world. The site lived until the end of 2008 when it unhappily had that to close. But Kami Sama Explorer, the oldest brazilian website, with more than nine years old, is full of informations and curiosities.

The end of the TDK left an emptiness that nobody could ever fill. The best form I found to face the emptiness was creating a site, with a writing style and a similar design of TDK, changing the boarding of the subjects.

 That is how born Project Namekusei (Planet Namek), in 2009, with intention to preserve the Legend of Dragon Ball.

The content boarded here presents only a vision of the author, is boarded as an idea and not as an absolute truth.

This blog is a space created to generate debates about the opinions of the author, and these discussions must occur in way to respect the author and his collaborators, and the others visitors and fans.

Enjoy the content!


Any doubts, suggestions, etc, write to:



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