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8 05 2011

Hello folks! As you can see, we abandon this blog, but the work in our original blog, Namekusei, continues. Besides it is in Portuguese, I guess the translated English from Google isn’t very different from my English.

So… visit Namekusei, that is constantly updated! Count on you all!


News!! Dragon Ball Z Kai

4 02 2010

You probably noticed that the title of this post is not what we know as Dragon Ball Kai, but Dragon Ball Z Kai. Why this suddently change? For the simple and happy reason taht this is the new and official name of the anime when it starts to be televised here in the West.

The decision of Toei was settle so the public would have the impression that it will be a “new version” of DBZ and not a diferent series.

DBZ Kai is expected to debut in the West in 2011 but in Brazil, the work is already well underway, under the responsibility of the Angelotti Licensing , a company that represents the original trilogy in Brazil.

As a way to already be preparing the public, on the second semester of this year, the first products of DBZ Kai will come to market and will soon be choosing a singer to interpret the Brazilian version of Dragon Soul opening .

FUNimation, responsible for the anime on US, purchased the dragonballzkai.com domain name, and sources say dubbing for the series began.

Bad news…

19 01 2010
It truly saddens me to have to report this news, but one of the greatest voices of Dragon Ball just passed away. The seiyuu Gouri Daisuke died on 17, with 57 years-old.

Gouri Daisuke, the voice of Umigame and Hercule (Mr. Satan) died this past Saturday. The newspapers report that Gouri was found bleeding from his wrist. Police are investigating the case as a possible suicide. A knife was found near his body.

Words can not express the loss of someone so talented, not only for the Dragon Ball community, but to the world of anime. Daisuke had many roles in Dragon Ball, including Umigame, Gyuumao, Enma Daio, King Cold and Mr. Satan. He returned to reprise the majority of his previous roles in Dragon Ball Kai. Not only had these roles, but also had a number of minor roles in other series. Besides Dragon Ball, he starred in Mobile Suit Gundam, Escaflowne, Trigun, One Piece, Inu Yasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo, and the list goes on …

May he rest in peace!

郷里大輔 Gouri Daisuke
Feb. 8, 1952 – Jan. 17, 2010

Welcome everyone!!

19 03 2009

Welcome, friends!! This is the very first post of Planet Namek! I wish you fans stay with me as long as this site lives!!

Well then, let’s talk a little about Dragon Ball!!

Dragon Ball started in many lives almost in the same way. DB openings introduced what would be a myth of the history of animations. I start my website with the openings. I’m sure everyone knows them, but I choose this to be my first post to try to make everyone remember the sensation of waiting Dragon Ball start, the curiosity to see the new episode. And now, with you, Dragon Ball openings:

Japanese version

American version