Find the dragon balls!-pt.I

27 12 2009

On a common day, at West City, a pretty young woman was looking for something in her cellar at home. What just called her attention was a small ball with a singular brightness, with two small stars in its center (arushinchuu). The young lady, named Bulma, curious about the origin of that object, started asking people about it. After a lot of research, she finally found a document that explained everything.

That little sphere was a dragon ball and is part of a group of other six spheres, all with the same brightness and each one with a determinate number of stars (from one to seven stars). Bulma found out that if someone could gather together all the seven mystic dragon balls and said the magical words, an eternal dragon would appear and would grant a wish to the person who joined the magical balls.

Then the young Bulma starts her search for the other the other six dragon balls, in order to ask the eternal dragon a perfect boyfriend. To find the dragon balls, Bulma, daughter of one of the greatest scientists of the planet, created radar that detects the position of each sphere, that are spread around the globe.

Living for her hunt, Bulma finds the second dragon ball after searching all around the valley in the north. This dragon ball found was the uushinchuu, the five stars dragon ball. Ten days later, Bulma finds the third sphere, in a small house at Paozu Mountains. It is at these mountains that we meet Goku, a child that posses a supernatural strength and who owned the third dragon ball, suushinchuu, the one with four stars.

Bulma explains to Goku the Legend of the Eternal Dragon and hers search for the dragon balls. Goku, convinced by Bulma to search for the dragon balls with her, live in an adventure that changed the history of the world forever and created another legend: the Legend of Son Goku!