31 01 2010

 One of the most commonly attacks used by Gohan during the series, masenko is one of the few techniques inherited from character to character. Focusing  all ki on the hands, positioned on the forehead and then put the hands at the front and fire.

Masenko (demon flash), taught by Piccolo before the arrival of the strongest saiyajins, was used for the first time against Nappa, after the namekuseijin sacrificed his life to protect Gohan.

According to Vegeta’s scouter, on first use of the technique, it was released with a power level over 3000, but was not enough to overthrow Nappa.


The second use of the technique was against Guldo, on planet Namek ( Namekusei ) , but  it failed because the member of Ginyu  Special Forces was fleeing.


The third use was in the fight against Recoome. At that time, according to the Boter (Baata)’s scouter , Gohan’s masenko has a 20000 power level. However, even this power wasn’t enough to defeat Recoome.


The fourth time that masenko was used by Gohan was in the battle aggainst Garlic Jr, in the battle on Kami’s lookout.


The last use of masenko was in the battle against Buu, after Majin Buu had absorved and use the technique aggaints Vegetto, combined with the ghost attack from Gotenks. 

The technique also branded on movies and TV special. It was used on movies 3, 6 and 8 and on the special of Trunks. In the movie 3, Dragon Ball Z – The Tree of Might” (07/07/1990), fighting against the Turles ( Talles)’s  men, Gohan launched a masenko to defeat a Turles’ soldier and save Krillin.

 In the movie 6, “Dragon Ball Z – Return of Cooler(07/03/1992), Gohan launches a masenko on one of the robots, but was assaulted after discovering that the only way to defeat them was focus ki hands, and tear the enemies.

In the movie 8, Dragon Ball Z- The Legendary Super Saiyan” (06/03/1993), we see  not only Gohan, but also Trunks using masenko. The two launched the attack on Broly at the same time. Certainly was one of the most exciting moments of the struggle. 


 In TV special, “Dragon Ball Z- The History of Trunks” (02/24/1993), we see how Mirai Trunks have learned masenko, which was used in movie 8. Gohan uses it fighting the androids. Probably in one of his training with Trunks, he taught this technique that he learned with Piccolo.

 Without doubt, masenko is a unique technique, inherited from master to apprentice!