Dragon Ball 3D paper – Cell

11 08 2010

The big villain Cell also have his 3D paper toy!


Dragon Ball 3D paper- Ginyu Tokusentai

4 07 2010

I come back with a very special work, the Ginyu Tokusentai (Ginyu Special Forces) 3D paper. It would be just perfect if they built the trop with their ridiculous poses, power ranger style!

Capitão Ginyu

Borter (Batta)

Recoome (Rikum)

Jeice (Jess)

Guildo (Gurdo)

Dragon Ball 3D paper – Goku

30 01 2010

3D paper, as the name already telgives an idea, is something done with paper which final result is an object with three dimensions. Dragon Ball has several characters designed by fans especially for this 3D paper. The assembly is usually not very complicated, simply print, cut and paste!

So, let’s spend a little paint and glue to build our 3D paper characters!

I’m posting first Goku’s 3D paper but later I’ll post other characters’. So… have fun! 

Art withdrawal from ANIMEPAPERTOYS. Visit this blog and check other 3D paper series !