News!! Dragon Ball Z Kai

4 02 2010

You probably noticed that the title of this post is not what we know as Dragon Ball Kai, but Dragon Ball Z Kai. Why this suddently change? For the simple and happy reason taht this is the new and official name of the anime when it starts to be televised here in the West.

The decision of Toei was settle so the public would have the impression that it will be a “new version” of DBZ and not a diferent series.

DBZ Kai is expected to debut in the West in 2011 but in Brazil, the work is already well underway, under the responsibility of the Angelotti Licensing , a company that represents the original trilogy in Brazil.

As a way to already be preparing the public, on the second semester of this year, the first products of DBZ Kai will come to market and will soon be choosing a singer to interpret the Brazilian version of Dragon Soul opening .

FUNimation, responsible for the anime on US, purchased the domain name, and sources say dubbing for the series began.