The Biggest Fight – pt. VI

30 05 2010

The last fight of the quarterfinals of the world martial arts tournament is between Goku and the monster beast Giran. Mutenroshi’s pupil opponent is a huge pterodactyl, possessed of a great strength.

The fight begins. Giran draws Goku’s attention to something in his hand. Naive , Goku approaches and get a surprise attack, being thrown against the wall of the ring.

The announcer of the tournament soon calm down the public, saying that the medical team would take care of Goku, however our hero gets up as if the attack he suffered was insignificant, impressing everyone.

Goku strikes back, fighting face to face with his opponent. Better on hand-to-hand that Giran, Goku soon strikes the beast with his first blow.

Then Goku throws his opponent outside the arena in order to end the fight immediately, winning with a ring out.

For Goku’s surprise, Giran could fly and gets back to the ring. The young warrior decides to make Giran throw the towel, winning the fourth match of Tenkaichi Budoukai. Giran, however uses his “guruguru gum”, a kind of goo that holds the opponent and immobilize it.

Giran takes advantage that Goku is immobilized and throws it out of the arena. Goku just don’t loose the fight because he counted with a help: kintoun rescued him! Goku calls it and flying nimbus rescued him just before he touched the ground! He returns to the ring and is greeted with shouts and applause.

Giran protests about the use of the mysterious cloud. The announcer of the tournament talks to the director of the event and allows Goku to use the cloud, but only that time; and if he used it again he would be disqualified.

Believing he would be able to repeat the shot again, Giran attacks Goku and when he try to hit him, Goku disappears. Goku surprisingly deviates from the attack because of its tail, which grew again, hanging out on the arm of the flying dinosaur.

With his tail back, Goku manages to break Giran’s “guruguru gum” and test his new tail, with a demonstration of the thrust its tail could provide. With such impulse, Goku destroys the wall of the ring with a single kick!

Prepared to fight with all his forces, Goku turns to his opponent, that instantly surrender! Goku wins the fourth match and is qualified for the semi-finals, facing Namu!

So… Do not miss the continuation of The Biggest Fight, with the battle between Krillin and the powerful Jackie Chan!

Below you can check the scans of kanzenban referring to the battle between Goku and Giran. Free to read online!

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Pag 7 Pag 8 Pag 9 Pag 10 Pag 11 Pag 12
Pag 13 Pag 14 Pag 15 Pag 16 Pag 17 Pag 18
Pag 19 Pag 20 Pag 21 Pag 22 Pag 23 Pag 24
Pag 25 Pag 26 Pag 27 Pag 28 Pag 29



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