Inspirations – pt. II: Jackie Chan

23 01 2010

Continuing talking about Toriyama inspirations to make the fantastic work that Dragon Ball is, I decided to talk now about a striking thing in this anime: the inspiration in the masters of martial arts.

Akira Toriyama revealed to be big fan of kung-fu (in several of his interviews, he reveals his passion), especially in the two biggest martial artists of the story: Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Now, with you, everything or at least everything I now about martial arts influenced by the Chinese masters Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan! (I’ll talk about Bruce other time!)

Akira certainly managed to make a tribute to the actor and martial artist Jackie Chan in the first martial arts tournament (21st Tenkaichi Budoukai), Master Roshi enters in the tournament under the secret guise of Jackie Chun.


In the fight against Goku in the final of this tournament we see the second great tribute to Chan: Jackie Chun uses the “drunken technique”, with motions of a drunken person, but with strong and unexpected attacks. This fight style comes from a very old film of Jackie Chan, known as “Drunken Master”. Below, a video of a fight scene which Jackie Chan uses this style.

Just for curiosity, a video of National Geographic Channel about this fight style. It’s very interesting the explanation of how it works. Check it out!

In the movie The Forbidden Kingdom, already mentioned in our first post of Dragon Ball inspirations, Jackie Chan’s character is an immortal drunk that uses this same “drunken boxer” style.

Jackie Chan also participated in the Daizenshuu – Complete Illustrations (the first volume) publication, in the session I Love Dragon Ball, which shows that Jackie would like to act in an adaptation for theaters (note that the Daizenshuu is very old so there were no plans for a live-action).

Well, that’s all I know about Jackie Chan influences over Dragon Ball! Next post is about Bruce Lee influences. So… till there, see ya!




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17 01 2011
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