The Biggest Fight – pt. V

1 01 2010

The third battle of the quarterfinals is between Namu, a simple man that went to the tournament to win the prize so he could buy water to the inhabitants of his village; and Ranfan, a sexy woman that uses her beauty and fragile appearance to win the fights. Already at the beginning of the fight, Ranfan gives a wink to Namu and asks him to be gentle with her during the fight. Nam stays embarrassed and low his defense. Lanfan seize the moment to attack.

Ranfan gives punches and kicks in Namu and makes him pretty angry. When he goes to strike back, Ranfan uses again hers fireworks, seeming fragile, and frightened by the attack. Namu, then, just touches her and makes Lanfan cry!

Namu is sorry for Ranfan and approaches, apologizing. Taking advantage of it, Ranfan gives a super punch on Namu.

Namu recovers and Ranfan tries to attack him again, but this time without success, with her punch blocked. Namu gets mad and says that if she was going to fight like that, he wouldn’t consider her a woman, but his archenemy. Now he would fight with all his might!

Ranfan still tries to use her sensuality, but Namu soon cuts hers cheap with an attack. Ranfan dodges and appeals to her last resort: take off her clothes!!!

Already assuming that Namu was shy, this “technique” favored Ranfan that slowly pushed Namu to the edge of the ring. It is also at this time that Yancha started thinking that Jackie Chun and Mutenroshi was the same person, because Jackie got super excited after Ranfan take her clothes off!

With this attack that anyone would be jealous of, Ranfan leaves to Namu almost none moves to make, and soon tries to push him out of the ring. However, by closing his eyes and focusing, Namu senses his opponent presence and jumps and knocks her! With a single stroke, Namu wins the fight!

After the count, something funny happens. Jackie Chun appears in the ring to “take care” of the knocked lady. The tournament announcer says that it wasn’t allowed to touch the participants without authorization, but Jackie answers that he was a doctor!

The combat finish and Namu is classified to the semi-finals! The fourth fight of the tournament begins with the confront between Goku an Giran!

Below, the scans of this fight to reed online!

Pag 1 Pag 2 Pag 3 Pag 4 Pag 5
Pag 6 Pag 7 Pag 8 Pag 9 Pag 10
Pag 11 Pag 12 Pag 13    



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