Fan arts – pt.II

29 12 2009

I keep showing great works made by fans. This time, not so “graphics” as the first post, but they are vert good too. This time, I chosed to put fan arts that show the comic side of Dragon Ball. Check it out!

Everyone eating and on the table Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry also exists: the two saiyans compete for a piece of fish! Resembles the endo of the special of 2008, when Goku ate Vegeta’s food and vice-versa, and after that the two get mad with each other!



  A fashion in orkut is to put an image like this and tag the friends who have the same characteristics. They made this tagger with Drag0n Ball! Interesting, not?

Uma moda no orkut é colocar uma imagem como essa e marcar os amigos que possuem a mesma característica. Fizeram então esse marcador com Drag0n Ball! Interessante, não?!

The three saiyans in the poses that most define them at the beginning of Buu Saga. Goku, excited with the battle, Vegeta always ill with life, and Gohan posing as the Great Saiyaman.

Goku against Naruto… Kamehameha against Rasengan. Who would win?

 Luffy also has the right to fight against Goku!

House MD? Ops… Goku MD?? Hard to believe!

  The most funny of all, Patrick from Sponge Bob as Majin Buu’s son!!




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