The Biggest Fight – pt. III

22 12 2009

The first combat of the quarterfinals of the tournament is between Krillin and Bacteria. Kamesenin disciple’s opponent is a stinky fellow who has never taken a bath since he was born, and for that reason, he takes an advantage over his opponent, since his opponents always have one hand plugging the nose, because of his horrible odor.

Bacteria is the first to attack, but his speed wasn’t sufficient to hit Krillin, that easily dodges, jumping to the opposite side of the ring. With a frustrated attack, Bacteria starts using, literally, his dirty tricks… His first technique is the “Smelly Breath” that makes Krillin dizzy.


Bacteria second attack is “scratch his bag” and with his dirty finger, approaching it to Krillin face, making Mutenroshi’s pupil almost faint.


Krillin turns into an easy target, after stayed in a dizzy stage. Bacteria starts to hang him, but the very well trained Krillin escapes and counter-attacks Bacteria.

Despite his counter-attack, Krillin is cornered into the corner of the arena, something that could cause his defeat for falling out of the ring. Krillin tries to pass under Bacteria’s legs, but his attempt is frustrated when Bacteria sat on him.

After jumping on Krillin many times, Bacteria notices that he was insured. When he sees, Krillin is lifting him and stopping from being smashed again. The smelly fighter uses again his odor to take advantage, this time with a “Mortal Fart”.

Fallen in the ground, Krillin makes the count start. Bacteria seizes the situation to trample on his opponent, trying to guarantee his own victory. When the count approaches to 10, Goku tells Krillin to think for a second: he was just imagining the stench, there was no way he could smell it because he doesn’t has a nose!! Krillin surprisingly stands up, just barely safe from the count and thanks Goku! Bacteria still tries unsuccessful attack spitting phlegm; however the young apprentice dodges and attacks his smelly opponent.

Bacteria falls and Krillin seizes the moment to retaliate the odor torture that everyone passed through with a fart on his face! Bacteria faints and Krillin wins the combat! The announcer of the tournament still comments: “So, even Bacteria can’t stand the smell of someone else’s fart!!!“. The combat ends for the happiness of everyone and the ring is cleaned for the next match, between Yancha and Jackie Chan.




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