Dragon Ball by other eyes

19 12 2009

A few years ago, Shonen Jump published a collection of many mangakas drawings, concerning a subject very specific: Dragon Ball! Yes, different manga authors made Dragon Ball drawings, with their own traces and styles, resulting in a very different and funny Dragon Ball! Check it out!

Looking at this drawing, any fan would soon think: this is a fan art, a “pirate Goku”. However, the only thing related with a pirate is that who made this drawing is the famous author of “One Piece”, Eichiro Oda. We can notice that his Goku’s face is very similar to Luffy’s, the main character of One Piece.

When I saw this drawing I remembered of the game Kingdom Hearts. Goku was drawn much alike Sora, the main character of the game. However, who drew this drawing has no connection with Square Enix and Disney’s game. It was Arina Tanemura, creator of “Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne & Full Moon o Sagashite”, who drew this art!

Ken’ichi Sakura, creator of “Dragon Drive”, remembered the strongest army of the planet: Red Ribbon! Very nice this mangaka remembers the great moments where Goku, alone, faced the most feared army of the world!

Remarkable moments, for others mangakas, were the ones that showed how one of the biggest martial arts master is also the biggest pervert! It was Kenjirou Takeshita, creator of “Happy World” who drew this art!

Akira Toriyama and his drawing style are unique and unforgettable for us, fans. However, if one day he needed help, I believe that Kentarou Yabuki would be able to do the job! This mangaka is the author of “Black Cat” and his traces impress by the similarity and elegance to draw Dragon Ball!

Other mangaka that remembered the old times when Goku and Bulma were looking after the dragon balls is Koushi Rikudou, the creator of “Excel Saga”.

This very different Master Roshi, is the drawing of Kouta Hirano, creator of “Hellsing”.

Villains of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z also appear in the drawings of Shonen Jump. Kubo Taito, mangaka that created “Bleach”, drew some of the villains like Tao Pai Pai, Vegeta, Recoome, Piccolo and Zarbon, Trunks also appears, with Taito’s drawling style.

Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of “Naruto”, is the mangaka who made this drawing. It refers to the world martial arts tournament, one of the famous events of Dragon Ball, that brings many good memories to a lot of people and that Kishimoto made a tribute!

Other author that decided to make a tribute to the world martial arts tournament was Mikio Itou, from “Normandy Secret Club & Granada”, drawing the moment that Goku and Krillin return to fight in the tournament.

The great fight between Goku and Piccolo and the famous technique of the world is portrayed in the drawing of Norihiro Yagi, creator of “Angel Legend & Claymore”.

Ryou Azuki, from “Love Wan!”, also portray the pervert side of Mutenroshi, and draws Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta and Trunks with a very comic style.

In the style of the many posters of the Z warriors that we can find on the Internet, Shin’ya Suzuki, creator of “Mr. Fullswing” shows his style in DBZ in some of the famous characters of the series.

Suzuki Nakaba, from “Rising Impact & Ultra Red” remembered one of the greatest battles of the series, Goku versus Freezer. His drawing is one of the 17 shown in Shonen Jump that causes more queerness.

Yasuhiro Kanou also remembered to portray kamehameha, as well as the main rivals of Goku. This mangaka is the creator of “Pretty Face”.

I’m sure you’ll think that this drawing is stranger than Nabaka’s. Goku and Freezer are portrayed by Yoshio Sawai (creator of “Bobobôbo Bôbobo”)with a very different style. Goku seeming a child and Freezer very delicate!

And the last of the seventeen drawings shown in Shonen Jump is from Yusuke Murata (creator of “Eyeshield 21”), that also it portrays the adventurer side of Dragon Ball, from the times when searching the dragon balls was synonymous of trouble!

So, did you like the drawings of others mangakas? Comment!




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