The Biggest Fight-pt.I

13 07 2009

The very first important fight in Dragon Ball happens in a desert, where a famous desert thief used to live. When Goku, Bulma and Oolong are crossing the desert, Puar see them and warn the desert thief, Yancha, who comes after Goku, Bulma and Oolong to steal their capsules hói-pói.



Yancha starts attacking with his sword and Goku, unable to counter-attack, just dodged. Goku, coincidentally, falls next to Puar. Yancha attacks him and he dodges, putting Puar in bad waters.



 Yancha shows he is a great sword-man, controlling his sword, avoiding to cut Puar. This is one of the things kendo practitioners tries to reach; the technique of making their shinai stop where they want. Then they can control their sword and not hit the opponent, making their shinai get very close to their opponent.



Then, Goku uses his nyoibou and we have one of the rare fights with guns in Dragon Ball. Goku, with his unique stick, beats Yancha easily. Yancha notice Goku has nyoibou, asking him how he obtained it. The desert bandit was surprised, because it was known that only one person in the world own a stick that could grow anytime. Goku says he got it with his dead Grandpa, Son Gohan. Yancha is surprised again. Son Gohan was known as one of the greatest martial artist in the world. Knowing Goku was Gohan’s grandson, Yancha starts round two, fighting seriously, intending to fight Goku as he was very well trained, not just as a kid.





Fighting seriously, Yancha uses one of the techniques that would be known forever, one of his favorites that join skill and speed in this powerful attack. Rogafufuken (Rōgafūfūken/Wolf Fang Fist) is an attack that remembers a wolf: fast and lethal. Rogafufuken remembers one kung fu style, the Wolf Style Kung Fu. This kung fu style requires 11 years of training, what means Yancha was very well trained before. 

Yancha attacks Goku with a series of punches and kicks and Goku is unable to defend himself. Goku is thrown in the rocks, but nothing is enough to make him give up. He rises and goes after his revenge.



Then Goku uses one technique from his Grandpa’s style, the Jan-Ken-Po (Rock, Scissors ‘N’ Paper/ Jan Ken).  It is a simple technique that is used in the many situations. We have:

Jan-Ken-Gu: is equals rock; a strong punch

Jan-Ken-Choki: is equals scissors and will be a poke in the eyes

Jan-Ken-Pa: is equals paper and will be an open palm strike.

Jan Ken shows that simplicity sometimes is very good. A simple technique showed powerful against a skilled enemy.



Yancha returns furious but when he sees Bulma, he fells. That happened because Yancha was afraid of women… He leaves the battlefield, promising he will return.




In the morning of the next day, Yancha returns. Goku, now without his weakness (hunger), can defeat easily the desert bandit. Goku strikes so hard, that Yancha loses a tooth and runs away again… and Goku is the champion of the first Biggest Fight!

Below you can see this battle in the mangá version.

Pg1 Pg. 2 Pg. 3 Pg. 4 Pg. 5
Pg. 6 Pg. 7 Pg. 8 Pg. 9 Pg. 10
Pg. 11 Pg. 12 Pg. 13 Pg. 14 Pg. 15
Pg. 16 Pg. 17 Pg. 18 Pg. 19 Pg. 20



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